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3C reviews


Theater Mania

By the time a full-frontal Brad (Jake Silbermann), who’s been passed out in the kitchen following the women’s party, bursts through the swinging kitchen door, theatergoers have come to fully grasp Adjmi’s dual conceit for the play.

More successful is the overly homoerotic tone that courses through Brad and Terry’s relationship

Silbermann, a gifted physical comedian, brings a certain sweetness to his turn as the befuddled Brad, which gives undeniable weight to the play’s shrill conclusion

Washington Post

Jake Silbermann is believably conflicted as Brad, a young veteran just returned from Viet Nam who’s having a sexual identity crisis. Silbermann not only has to wear a long, pale blue satin nightgown for quite a while, but his face gets painfully slammed more than once. Even more heroically, he has to keep his expression contorted to appear unhappy, confused, despairing, and eventually anguished.

Entertainment Weekly

Like Ritter’s Jack Tripper, Brad is a Navy vet who must pretend to be gay in order to live with the girls — only he might not be pretending.

While Silbermann deserves a slow clap for baring his tremendous physical assets, he seems as confused as the audience is by his character.

New York Post

To make the rent, the girls get a new roommate — a vet named Brad (Jake Silbermann) — who says he’s gay so the cranky landlord, Mr. Wicker (Bill Buell), will let him stay.

Linda and Mrs. Wicker (Kate Buddeke) are horrified when they overhear Brad complain, “Connie, it’s too tight. We’ll never get it on.”

Brad, who really is gay, is tormented by his playboy friend, Terry (Eddie Cahill, a k a Don Flack on “CSI: NY”).

Backstage: the actor’s resource

Brad has a secret—yes, you’ve guessed it—that’s not revealed until we are first treated to a scene with Mr. Wicker celebrating homophobia.

Silbermann convincingly conveys sweet despair.

Kül - that sounds cool

Her prudishness makes it difficult to explain this to her new roommate, Brad (Jake Silbermann), which leads him to believe that she’s figured out that he’s actually gay — not just pretend gay, to fool the landlords — an issue that makes her condemnations — “I’m sick, you’re making me sick to my stomach” — wound him even more. Likewise, when Connie comforts this former Vietnam soldier, trying to get him to confront his trauma, he mistakes her solidarity as a confession that she’s a lesbian: “Just today I was with someone [at the beach]. It felt nice. I love getting all wet.”

The cast, without exception, is exceptional.

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